• A vision of faith and beauty! This stunning angel figurine will inspire you daily when you see her on your shelf or mantel. She's wearing a flowing gown, has beautiful feathered wings, and she's holding a peaceful dove. Polyresin material  Weight .8 pounds, Dimensions 4"x4.5"x8"
  • Fill your home with your favorite scent while providing beautiful home décor with this color filled art-wrapped exterior by Kelly Rae Roberts. Warming bulb included. Dimensions 4"wX6"hX4"d Inspirational message "Be Brave in Love, in Sadness, in Joy, in Faith"
  • Small ceramic Buddha w/fine detailing, hand carved in Nepal, fair trade item. Small cast ceramic Buddha statue with beautiful detail. 5.5 inches tall and perfect for an altar or outdoor garden space. Brown only.
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    Made from natural clay, measures 6" high. Ganesha is the elephant-headed god of Hindu myth. He is the remover of obstacles, he represents abundance, and is the joining principle of energy.
  • Brings good luck, hang it over your door and let the good luck fall out!
  • Stone-look fountain is a fitting symbol of the source from which all blessings flow. Cascading water creates a harmonious sound, turning any surrounding into a serene retreat. Electric pump included; 120v, 60 HZ. Weight 3 lbs. 9" x 7.87" x 11.5" high. Polyresin.
  • This beautiful angel is depicted kneeling in prayer for eternity. She's a beautiful symbol of faith for your shelf or mantel. The figurine features fine details, including fantastical oversized angel wings. Polyresin material, .08 pounds, dimensions 4.25" x 3.5" x 6"
  • Large Windhorse prayer flag individual strand, w/25 flags per strand, 20′ long, and each flag measuring 10 inches long and 10 inches wide. This is a fair trade, handmade item from Nepal.
    Hand block printed Tibetan Windhorse prayer flag set of 25. Windhorse prayer flags are traditionally hung by Tibetans in high places to catch the wind so that the prayer will be carried out to bless all sentient beings. The prayer is intended to bring blessings and good fortune to the world and translates as:
    “May the rain fall at the proper time. May the crops and livestock be bountiful. May there be freedom from illness, famine and war. May all beings be well and happy”.
    There are 5 different colors representing 5 primary elements: Blue: sky White: air Red: fire Green: water Yellow: earth.
    These prayer flag sets come with a card denoting the most auspicious and inauspicious days to hang these according to the Tibetan calendar.
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    Peace, harmony, and great design come together to create a fantastic water fountain for your living space. Water cascades from level to level, creating a soothing sound and ambiance that's highlighted by internal LED lighting.
  • Carved slate with Namaste 4.75″ wide X 2.25″ tall with a leather cord for hanging. This is a handmade, fair trade item from Nepal. Beautiful raw edge rectangular slate hand-carved with the Nepali greeting of Namaste. Namaste means “The Divine within me recognizes and honors the Divine within you.” This slate has two small holes for hanging and is perfect in an entryway, on an altar or as garden art. A wonderful gift.
  • Natraj Dancing Brass Statue - 4" Height Solid Brass with Antique Honey finish. Natraj meaning "Lord of the Dance"  in Sanskrit, is the Hindu God Shiva in his form as the cosmic dancer.
  • Om Chakra Altar Cloth
    • Design: Om Chakra
    • Color: Yellow
    • Size: 42" x 68"
    • Fabric: Silky Rayon
    • Care: Hand wash only separately
    • Color may vary slightly from the picture shown
    • Size may vary, because each piece is handmade.
    • Hand Made in India
    This Altar Cloth can be used as prayer shawl. Also be hung from your wall as a banner or backdrop behind your Altar.

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