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    French Lavender Mist is calming and nurturing. Use it to prepare your space for sleep and relaxation, and to neutralize stress. French Lavender Mist is a traditional blend of essential oil in distilled water and polysorbate-20, an emulsifier derived from coconut.
  • If burning loose incense or resin, use charcoal on top of sand in the smudge pot. Also great for your favorite spells and rituals, burn in a smudge pot or cauldron.
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    This smudging bundle of wonderful smelling herbs have long been used in ritual and ceremony by indigenous peoples. Sage brings wisdom and is calming and healing and removes negative energy, Yerba Santa is used to purify and to set and protect boundaries, and Lavender restores balance and creates a peaceful atmosphere. Lavender also attracts loving energy and spirits. Use to calm the energy of your home or space, cleanse yourself when feeling a little out of sorts, or to cleanse a new purchase before using.
  • Use this sage smudge stick to remove negative or incompatible energies and vibrations from the environment and Lavender is used for purification, chastity and to promote healing sleep. Native Americans routinely use smudging as a vehicle for spiritual transformation, to raise vibration, and to purify a room, dwelling or space.  When sage is burned, the smoke releases negative ions, which allows purification to occur. Traditionally, smudging herbs are indigenous sage, but sage may also be blended with other herbs, and tied into smudging bundles.  When a sage blend is burned, one enjoys the combination of the energetic vibrations from both the sage itself, and the herb it is blended with. Burn your sage with reverence and respect for the tradition by following some simple steps:  Store your sage bundle in an abalone shell or clay pot, which should be kept at waist height or higher: Light the sage with a wooden match: Smudge in a clockwise fashion, beginning in the east side of the space:  immediately remove the burned ash from the area, placing it outside your dwelling. Directions for burning sage: Light the sage with a wooden match and blow out the flame.  Wash your hands in the smoke and allow the smoke to billow around your body.  Now you are cleansed, and ready to repeat the process in your room. Now use the sage smoke to cleanse and purify your space by waving the smudge stick and spreading the smoke around with a smudge feather.  Speak your intention for purification while moving in a clockwise direction around your space, beginning in the east. The ritual of sage smudging and purification is intention-based.  One does not have to perform the process exactly.  In fact, different Native American cultures may vary the process from tribe to tribe.  Know that if your heart is pure, the effort and intention will be enough.
  • Used for protection spells and divination. Associated with music and weather magic and sacred to Druids. Good for use in work with Fairies.
  • Great for burning smudge sticks or loose resin incense.
  • One Large Abalone Shell and one medium sage smudge in a handcrafted gift box made of tree-free paper.
  • These incense burners are made from wood that have been sanded smooth, stained and the wood has been burnt. There is a bottom compartment for storing extra incense sticks.

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