• Heavy cotton yoga bag with Stoplar embroidery, 2 zip pockets, drawstring closure, adjustable strap, assorted colors. This is a handmade, fair trade item from Nepal.
  • Functional and beautiful handmade Hemp passport bag with two front zip pockets, zip close on top and zip pocket on back.  Assorted hemp colors, cotton back, 6″ wide X 8″ tall. This is a handmade, fair trade item from Nepal. Our hemp bags are made from wild hemp that is sustain-ably harvested in western Nepal. Hemp production is a valuable economic asset for these villages. The tailors who make our hemp bags receive fair wages as well as benefits such as bonuses, paid leave and medical expenses.
  • Large Windhorse prayer flag individual strand, w/25 flags per strand, 20′ long, and each flag measuring 10 inches long and 10 inches wide. This is a fair trade, handmade item from Nepal.
    Hand block printed Tibetan Windhorse prayer flag set of 25. Windhorse prayer flags are traditionally hung by Tibetans in high places to catch the wind so that the prayer will be carried out to bless all sentient beings. The prayer is intended to bring blessings and good fortune to the world and translates as:
    “May the rain fall at the proper time. May the crops and livestock be bountiful. May there be freedom from illness, famine and war. May all beings be well and happy”.
    There are 5 different colors representing 5 primary elements: Blue: sky White: air Red: fire Green: water Yellow: earth.
    These prayer flag sets come with a card denoting the most auspicious and inauspicious days to hang these according to the Tibetan calendar.
  • Zafu meditation pillow with brocade cover and zipper. Our zafu is a round traditional meditation cushion with pleated sides. The cover is made of beautiful brocade fabric. Each zafu has a carrying handle and features a hidden side zipper for easy cleaning. The inside cushion is made of durable cotton and is also stuffed with cotton. 40″ circumference. 13″ diameter and 5.5″ high Zafu pillows provide better spine alignment and proper height for a more comfortable and deeper meditation. The Zafu makes sitting meditation easier on the knees and ankles. Great for decorating as well! Exquisite workmanship from the monks of the Drepung Loseling Monastery in Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • Carved slate with Namaste 4.75″ wide X 2.25″ tall with a leather cord for hanging. This is a handmade, fair trade item from Nepal. Beautiful raw edge rectangular slate hand-carved with the Nepali greeting of Namaste. Namaste means “The Divine within me recognizes and honors the Divine within you.” This slate has two small holes for hanging and is perfect in an entryway, on an altar or as garden art. A wonderful gift.
  • This yoga mat carrying bag is adorable and functional! Woven from colorful recycled silk with two handy pockets, one buttoned and one zippered. 26″ L Drawstring closure. Adjustable Strap. Remember that the recycled silk varies in color so each bag will be wonderfully unique! This is a handmade, fair trade item from Nepal.
  • Small Gyari weave cotton backpack with a drawstring closure is perfect for school, a trip to the market or a walk around town. Flap over top toggles closed. One 6″ x 7″ double zippered pocket on the outside and one zippered pocket inside. Fully lined with adjustable straps. 16″ x 10″ x 6″ Assorted stripe colors. This is a handmade, fair trade item from Nepal.  

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