About Us

Moonbeams and Fairy Dust is a family-owned metaphysical store where we work to spread love and joy, and, in doing so, help raise the vibration of the collective conscious. 

Once, when asked what I would do for a living, if I could have any job I wanted, I replied that I would love people.  If I could figure out a way to love people and get paid for it, I would be in heaven!  

Moonbeams and Fairy Dust allows me to do just that; to spread love and joy to people by offering them items that help raise their vibration, bring them joy, and help them spread love, and raise the energetic vibration of our planet.

My spiritual journey began when I lost my job at a large telecommunications corporation.  Not sure what to do, I began searching, and came across the book Ask and It Is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I learned that by raising my vibrational energy, I could attract more of what I wanted in my life.  This book showed me how to change my life, by changing my thoughts. 

As I began to raise my vibration, I began to manifest things, and people, in my life who would continue to teach me and help me on this journey.  I began to develop what I call my “Spiritual Swiss Army Knife”. I would find something I loved and couldn’t wait to learn more about , which would lead me to something new I couldn’t wait to learn about!  Each new subject led me to new and exciting things!  It started with crystals and progressed to Angels, Reiki, dowsing and pendulums, Fairies, moon cycles, astrology, numerology, Oracle cards and readings and more. I joined a teaching circle because the opportunity came up, I might want to become a  Wiccan. I became a level 2 Reiki practitioner, took a Chakra Healing course, a numerology course, and an angel messenger course.

Then I discovered there was a reason why I wanted to know so much about so many things. I was meant to know about them all, so that I could help teach others by selling tools to help them on their spiritual journey.  I could love others by sharing tools and knowledge with them, things that would teach them how to raise their vibrations, and attract more positive energy into their lives.

My daughter, who has an amazing gift for healing, became a certified Hibiscus Moon crystal energy healer so that she could work alongside me. My husband also helps with the business, standing by me as we travel to expos and festivals, hauling boxes, and setting up tents and tables. Interacting with people and talking about the difference meditation and spirituality has made in his life.

We hope you find our products uplifting, joyful and helpful to you in your spiritual journey. We have local artists making some of our items, and our wellness items are all organic. We strive to bring you everything you need, no matter what your spiritual path is. We honor all and love each of you!

Namaste and Blessed Be,

Steffany, Tiffany and Todd