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    The Spirit Tree is grounded at the base. The trunk of the Spirit Tree grows in a manner and shape that gravity allows. The color of the trunk is determined by the mineral nutrients at the base. The leaves are forced from the branches and rely on the warmth of the sunlight to open. Our glass Spirit Tree Witch Balls are made from recycled soda bottle glass in the Carpathian Mountains; the land of superstition, old world mystery and storybook folklore. As the ball is molten hot, the glass is formed, the ball is rolled into German made colored glass granules to provide the design. With this process each of our Spirit Balls are uniquely handcrafted and no two are exactly the same. Let the magic of our Spirit Balls protect and bring fortune your home. The size is 4" Diameter. Your tree will be absolutely unique!
  • Handblown glass figurine of a kiss, comes with paper to write your wish or love note on! Makes a great gift that is unique and unusual! Doesn't die like flowers, and doesn't disappear like Chocolate!
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    Each Veiled Witch Ball is uniquely handcrafted. In ambient light the beautiful white veil gently obscures the color structure inside. In sunlight one can see the bright colors that make this ornament so attractive. The inspiration of the artist, the hand of the craftsman, the nature of gravity, and the fire in the kiln, all combine the make spirit of the witch ball. At 4 inch diameter it is the perfect gift size.
  • Hand blown glass wine stopper, perfect gift for the wine lover in your life! Keep wine fresh when not finishing the bottle.

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